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Michael Lydon, a writer and musician who lives in New York, is the author of eight commercially published books and the writer-publisher of many books through his own Franklin Street Press. A founding editor of Rolling Stone, Lydon has written widely about pop music and about the art of writing. A singer songwriter, Lydon has released several CDs of his own music, published two song books, and performs regularly in Manhattan.

Michael Lydon’s Books

Now What?

A brief and informal, yet serious and well-argued essay that declares all humans are free and equal.

Real Writing

Real Writing by Michael Lydon: provocative essays on six realists: Honoré de Balzac, Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, Theodore Dreiser, James Jones, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Each chapter, in engaging style, recounts the life and works of each writer, then paints, with well-chosen quotations, their unique strengths: Balzac’s fascination with money, Trollope’s hand-held camera, Eliot’s sympathy, Dreiser’s… [Read More]

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