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    If anyone has chance, please take a look at the first chapter of my new mystery and let me know if it would persuade you to read more. Any other comments are of course most […]

    • This is a powerful, intriguing opening, and displays lots of talent on your part. In my opinion, though it is a bit over-written and confusing. Too much physical description of the body before the reader even knows where this is happening, or why. It does create curiosity in the reader though. Is this woman now going to start out on a track to find her baby. What’s her story? Have you completed the novel or are you just beginning?

      • Betty (if I may):

        Thanks so much for your comment. To answer your questions, this is one strand of a two-strand story so, yes, the woman’s background and her attempts to recover her baby will feature prominently. As far as progress is concerned, the plot is fully developed and I’ve written half of the tale. I will revise the entire manuscript when I have a complete draft and will at that point come back to your very helpful input. Once again, many thanks.

        Lyn Squire