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Lynda D. Brown is the owner/ publisher of Spoken Word Press Publishing/Lynda D Brown Publishing. She is also the producer and host of the Author Chat podcast on blogtalkradio.com. Ms. Brown has published eight books and is currently working on her first horror thriller, Blood Moons: Return of the Giants.
An advocate of indie-publishing, Ms. Brown enjoys promoting and interviewing  authors on her  podcast. She has recently released a couple of  eBooks for authors, The Author Chat Guide to Promoting Your Book on a Shoestring Budget, The Author Chat Guide: How to Convert Your Published Book Into An Audiobook, The Author Chat Guide: How to Partner With Your Library & Sell More Books.

Lynda Brown’s Books

The Author Chat Guide How to Convert Your Published Book into an Audiobook

According to Publishers Weekly, in 2009 over 100,000 books were published however, only 5,000 of those books were also available as audiobooks. Reach more readers and increase your income by publishing your book as an audio book! Millions of readers actually listen to books on CD and now digital downloads every day and now you… [Read More]

Damien’s New Bike

Damien’s birthday is in four days! His parents have asked him what he wants for his birthday and he wants a new bike. But when his parents try to sell his old bike at a garage sale Damien refuses to allow them to sell it, until his Dad reminds him about being a blessing to… [Read More]

Powerful Prayer to Protect & Bless Your Family

Seed of Satan: Leah’s Story

Invisible Enemies

Inspired by the Book of Job, Invisible Enemies reminds us that no matter what life throws our way, God is still in control! When God chooses Abby Harris as a pawn in his wager against Satan, poor Abby’s life is turned upside down. After getting banned from her beloved church Abby’s starts hanging out with… [Read More]

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