About Lucinda E Clarke

Lucinda E Clarke was born in Dublin, dragged up in the west of England, finished off in Liverpool dockland area in the United Kingdom.

She has lived in eight different countries  mostly in Africa, and descended from great wealth to poverty and part way back up again.  Qualifying as a teacher, she fell into the media by chance, broadcasting live on Radio Libya, on one occasion with a bayonet resting on her shoulder. A few years later she found herself writing for radio and television.

She began producing and directing and set up and ran her own video production company making programmes for TV, corporate companies and educational institutions.

During her time she also ran the worst riding school in the world, bred small animals for pet shops and Cairn Terrier puppies, sewed gigantic teddy bears and worked on radio and television. She wrote for just about any medium including mayoral speeches, magazines, a newspaper column, advertisements and informational leaflets and brochures. She had two education books published by Heinemann and McMillan but could not afford to sign a long-term contract and wait for royalties - the media paid at the end of each month.

She retired to Spain in 2008 and began writing books, with eight self-published to date. Five of them have been #1 in genre on Amazon in both the UK and the USA and Canada.

Three biographies, four adventure novels and a political satire set in Fairyland. the 5th book in the Amie in Africa series is due out late 2018.


Lucinda E Clarke’s Books

A Year in the Life of Leah Brand

Leah’s nightmare began the day the dog died. A few years earlier a fatal car crash took the lives of Leah’s beloved husband and their two babies, leaving her disabled. Life looked bleak. She was approaching forty, unemployed, broke and desperate. Then she met Mason. He was charming, charismatic, persuasive, and a successful businessman, well… [Read More]

Amie: Stolen Future

In this the third book in the series, Amie’s enemies have not forgotten her and they are determined to take their revenge, but the people who are prepared to save her do not have her best interests at heart. She is forced into a corner with no other option but to obey or die. She… [Read More]

Amie: Cut for Life

They told Amie it was a simple look, listen and report back mission, but from the beginning everything went wrong. She is stalked across borders, the aid workers act suspiciously, she’s assaulted, and abandoned in a rural African hut miles from anywhere. What has happened to her partner Simon and can she trust the charismatic… [Read More]

Amie and the Child of Africa

In the second of the Amie series, Amie sets off to look for the child she was fostering before the civil war broke out. This time she is up against a ruthless terrorist organization with international connections. She meets up with some old friends and meets a new one, but who can she trust? One… [Read More]

Amie: African Adventure

Amie Fish, an ordinary English housewife, is thrown headlong into a third world African country when her husband, Jonathan, receives a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. Far from the normal expatriate life Amie was expecting, she finds herself deep in political intrigue, indebted to a corrupt African master manipulator and fighting for her life in the African bush.

Walking Over Eggshells

I was brought up by a mother who suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder which led to a traumatic childhood of mental abuse. I then married a charismatic Walter Mitty character who took me to live in several African countries with one job after another. I was in my mid forties before I broke away and… [Read More]

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