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Raised in the Northeast, LIZ DELTON has spent a lot of time in both woods and cities. While living for five years in Philadelphia, she got a taste for the city, but didn't find it green enough, and currently resides in what some would call "the middle of woods". Visit her website at LizDelton.com.

Liz Delton’s Books

The Fifth City

Every war has its casualties. For a thousand years, the Four Cities of Arcera lived in peace, until Governor Sorin Greyling discovered the mysterious fifth city: Seascape. Its advanced technology far surpasses that of the Four Cities, but why has it remained hidden all this time? With Meadowcity still in danger of Greyling’s army, Sylvia… [Read More]


The first war in a thousand years has only just begun… Sylvia Thorne is one of the few people brave enough to travel through the empty lands of what remains of once great civilizations. She is a Rider: delivering messages between the Four Cities and setting up trade are her business, one that thrives only… [Read More]

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