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Lindsay was born and brought up in the Boston area. After graduating from Northeastern University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering he served as a Captain in the US Army Corps of Engineers. Following that he went to work for Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY which he called home for most of his life.  He was Kodak’s Technology Leader for Creativity, Innovation, and Strategic Exploration and trained hundreds in creative thinking processes and led many ideation sessions to help unleash the creativity of Kodakers. His interest in the connection between humor and work resulted in the development of the first corporate humor room. He took an early retirement after 25 years to begin a career as a writer and speaker.

Lindsay’s first book, The Whack-A-Mole Theory was quite popular and also was translated to Japanese. He has been featured as a keynote speaker for dozens of corporations and organizations worldwide (including 4 tours of South Africa) on the topic of creativity, innovation, and humor in the workplace. He also published a book called Get Out of Your Thinking Box; 365 Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Life and Enhance Your Creativity during this period. After losing his first wife of 40 years, Jan, to ovarian cancer in 2000 he put his writing skills to work on his book, Surviving the Loss of Your Loved One; Jan’s Rainbow. This book, along with his presentations on the topic, has helped hundreds of people deal with loss in their lives.


In 2005 Lindsay and his second wife, Jean, moved to The Villages, Florida. In 2014 he really caught the “writing bug”. He published a book on organizational creativity, innovation, and change called Organizational Mental Floss; How to Squeeze Your Organization’s Thinking Juices. That was followed by Quotations to Tickle Your Brain, a book where he shares some great quotes focusing on creative thinking and Organizational Braindroppings; Musings on Breakthrough and Change. In late 2014 he wrote How to Live Happily Ever After; 12 Things You Can Do to Live Forever, and Living Your Retirement Dreams and Growing Young in the Villages; Florida’s Friendliest and Healthiest Hometown. His newest books, Add Humor to Your Life; Add Life to Your Humor and The Funniest Book You Will Ever Read, promise to be a best-sellers on this topic.

Lindsay E Collier’s Books

Living Your Retirement Dreams and Growing Young in The Villages

In the heart of Central Florida about 70 miles northwest from Orlando exists what is probably the biggest retirement community in the world, called The Villages. If you are looking for a place to live your retirement dreams, in this book you will find all the information you need to know about this wonderful opportunity…. [Read More]

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