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Lady Layne was born in Michigan, and at the age of five She moved to Berkeley California and moved around the northern California area Between Oakland and Berkeley.In her early teens about 14 turning 15 her mother moved them to Tacoma Washington, that's where she became a woman.She began writing when she was 7 years old after enduring her first great loss of her grandfather God rest his soul. So to escape the pain of everyday reality, writing became her therapy. She has written a host of books and poems with THRU MY EYEZ' being the first novel series that she has completed; with more to follow. She went to college and studied computer science and graphic web design. As a writer she has accomplished her dreams of becoming a self published author and starting her own publishing company. She love writing and making a difference in peoples lives with her words. At first she hated to write then one day she picked up and pen and note pad and began to write and she just couldn't stop. She have some excerpts and poems posted in her events page. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments thank you and God bless... Keep Kraving Dreams Publishing Inc services includes, Freelance writing, ghost writing, she creates and designs book covers. She will also assist you with the best possible layout for your book and She works hard to satisfy her clients and works towards getting to know her clients as well as her readers.

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