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I am a Social Media Marketer and Missionary. My first titled Chasing Signs is about chasing life. I speak to those who have ever found themselves asking themselves or others "I wonder if that was a sign or do you think that was a sign?" We do this without thinking. It becomes a problem when we use signs for things like falling in or out of love, financial decisions like gambling or even something as simple as breaking up a relationship; all based on signs.

I compare signs to assumptions and use scriptures to show you how this chasing syndrome can be changed. I have ministries in India, Pakistan and the U.S. and is always looking to help better quality of lives!

Lashondra Graves’ Books

Chasing Signs

There isn’t one person walking this earth that hasn’t said to themselves “that must have been a sign” at least once in their lives. There are people who say it everyday, multiple times a day even. There are people who rely on them so much that they can’t make a decision without a sign. The… [Read More]

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