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Growing up in a squatter's settlement in Taguig, Manila, I was fortunate enough to be an only child and have parents who could afford small luxuries, like old computers and the occasional classic novel (which were always on sale). Because I was barely allowed to go outside, most of my time was spent looking in...reading, writing, pretending. We migrated to Canada in 2000. I learned that the world could be less dirty and that you didn't have to fall into open-air sewer ditches all the time. That there were libraries where books were free. Still, loneliness seized me, and as if I wasn't already writing enough, I wrote even more. I have now spent over 22 years trying to master this craft. Most days, I'm convinced I am absolutely incompetent at it. I published my debut novel, Jaeth's Eye, recently, partly because I thought it was ready, but mostly because I was getting sick of it after two completely different, hundred-some-thousand-word drafts. I am now working on wrapping up Book 3 of that series, as well as polishing up the final draft of my YA urban fantasy/paranormal novel. Don't be afraid to send me a message or ask me any questions; I don't bite (often).

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