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Life has been mostly improv over the past decade or so in a calvalcade of ‘deal with it’ moments that, even as a writer, I could not have scripted so fantastically.

Due to certain family dynamics that have once again shifted into moving mode, I now prepare to leave Texas to return to California. This will be the seventh move in 15 years, the third to California.

My best guess of the moment is that I’ll be at least touching base in L.A. for my various projects. But because of my other pursuits of hands-on filmmaking and love of travel, I may take to the road, ideally in a mini-RV (i.e. Road Trek van!) and do some kind of journalistic travelogue ala Charles Kuralt but in my own podcasting/documentary style.

I am very passionate about the projects I write. Pretty much everything I do is based on personal experiences, and has a spiritual or poignant message in the outcome of the story.

I want to write quality projects that take the viewer to a higher place, that allow the audience to evolve and experience the flow of action and momentum along with the film’s characters – the way I remember films being when I was growing up.

What we watch is who we become as a society. I want us back on a higher road than where we are.

That’s my writing mission.

As for specifics, I am author of  the true fiction novella “Great Falls, Virginia!” and the children’s story coloring book “Heather on the Heather”. I've written shorter works including the screenplay "Last Chances" and a 10 minute one act "The Screaming Tree".

My website – in ‘tweak’ mode at the moment – at http://kristikoons.com includes a blog, my photography and other elements as they occur, most notably my “Believe” poster with mp3 narration and, of course, links for ordering my books.











…an intergenerational screenplay that weaves a storyline around a 21st century object that might have been repurposed from the 20th century and found new meaning or magic through a group of disparate individuals whose commonality is the one object. I see worth in finding value among common things and want to share with audiences the significance of celebrating what’s come before and appreciating how it affects the now. I look forward to building an audience that expects stories to celebrate and elevate the human condition.







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