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 Over forty years of loving to read and yearning to write has resulted at last in Keith Julius seeing his first book in print - the suspense thriller "Remorse By Degree."

The last of 8 children (along with his twin brother) Keith was raised in a family that encouraged reading and learning. At an early age he was captivated by such works as "The Call Of The "Wild," Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea," and "Tom Sawyer." At age 12 Keith discovered Doc Savage - a pulp adventurer originally published starting in 1933 but resurrected in the early sixties in a series of Bantam paperbacks. The stories still hold a special place in Keith's heart.

As he grew Keith's reading gravitated to weightier subjects and different authors. As Keith explains - "My plotting has been heavily influenced by Michael Crichton's style and pacing while my attempts at creating believable characters and dialogue owe a great deal to John Steinbeck. Not that I'm claiming to be anywhere near these two giants of literature. But they are both authors I greatly admire and regard as masters of the craft."


Keith's newest works are part of “The CASA Chronicles” series. After spending several years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate dealing with cases of child abuse and child neglect Keith felt inspired to tell the world of the reality faced by many people struggling to deal with issues such as addiction, mental illness, and other situations that threaten to tear families apart. Though stories of fiction, Keith draws heavily from reality when describing the incidents and circumstances encountered while dealing with these often difficult and sometimes traumatic cases.

Keith Julius’ Books

Born For Adversity

When nine year old Aaron Reed has an accident at a local playground it seems like a routine emergency room visit. The case becomes more than routine when signs of child abuse are discovered. The young boy and his family find themselves embroiled in events that threaten to tear the household apart, as suspicion deepens… [Read More]

Catch A Falling Star

Aleisha Turner was young and attractive, a mother of three beautiful children. Aleisha was also a heroin addict. An overdose sends the young woman’s life into turmoil when her children are taken away from her. She finds herself in a Rehab center, the first step in what will prove to be a difficult recovery. She… [Read More]

Remorse By Degree

Daniel Jameson was living the American Dream. With a secure job, a house in the suburbs, and a wife and two children, he seemed to have everything he ever desired out of life. His storybook existence is thrown into turmoil when he witnesses a tragic accident at his workplace. Following the event Daniel begins to… [Read More]

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