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The wife of a submariner, Kim has lived in eight states over the last twenty-five years. With a B.F.A. from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s Degree from Regent University, she used her background in Drama to stretch her creativity and stay relatively sane throughout all those moves. Kim has written novels in several genres, including Biblical, Historical, Inspirational Fiction and Young Adult Fantasy. Kim’s novel Winter Trees was a semi-finalist in the Christian Writer’s Guild’s 2010 Operation First Novel contest. Her first published novel, Woman of Flames, is available on Amazon.com and B&N.com.
She lives in Nebraska with her husband, 2 grown children and 3 small dogs.

Kim Stokely’s Books

In the Shadow of the Queen

Jerusalem, 76 B.C.For the first time in history, a queen rightfully reigns over Israel.The queen’s rule gives Anna, a gifted young seamstress, opportunities for work and education she never thought possible. But to achieve her dreams, Anna must enter a world festering with intrigue and deceit. Those living within the queen’s shadow already plot to… [Read More]

Where Shadows Lie

In the few weeks Ally Foster has spent in Ayden, the 16-year-old has survived two assassination attempts, a horrific psychological attack and agreed to marry her enemy, Lord Braedon, in order to save the boy she loves. When her life is again threatened, Ally finds refuge back in the 21st century. But even the modern… [Read More]

A Shattered Moon

Ally Foster thinks her biggest problem is her spiteful history teacher. Then a comatose man wakes long enough to call out her name. When the teenager takes his hand, she’s transported to another world. One she’s heard about but never believed existed—Eden. Ayden, as the inhabitants call it, is no longer a paradise but a… [Read More]

Spring Rains

Spring Rains is the continuing story of the staff and residents of Marigold Manor. Ginny Stafford finally learned to let go of her grief and hold on to hope when she started dating Chester Martin. But as she helps her Grandmother Edith prepare for her wedding, trouble brews on the horizon. Edith learns her fiancé… [Read More]

Winter Trees

Meet the residents and staff of Marigold Manor Assisted Living: Ginny, the grieving Activities Director; Chester, the facility’s friendly chef with a secret; Edith, the practical farmer’s widow; and Frank, the retired Navy Admiral. Ginny struggles to make the holidays joyful for the residents, while still mourning the death of her fiancé. Edith and Frank… [Read More]

Woman of Flames

Based on the life of a Jewish prophet, “Woman of Flames” is a sweeping epic of how faith, lust, and revenge can drive nations into war. As a child, Deborah must convince those around her that her visions are a gift from the Hebrew God, whom she is called to serve. As she matures, Deborah… [Read More]

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