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I live in a small house on a seven acre lot in an old-fashioned town  in Southern Maine. Both sides of my family were originally from Northern Maine so I have the up-north accent, the stoic Maine perseverance, and the wry humor that comes from being cooped up during long winters. I’ve never understood fashion, make-up, or why other women like spas. I only remember to have my haircut when it falls in my eyes and watch what I eat only when I want to. I figure in my previous life I must have been a diva and this time around I’m recuperating from having to fight all those men off.

I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and scenic walks in the summer. Good music, better books, and the occasional snow-shoeing adventure keep me sane in the winter. I’m a solitary person who enjoys group activities with a few good friends. I look forward to getting to the age when I’m respectfully described as that eccentric old woman, instead of just being called odd, unusual, and strange.

Kimberly Sue McLaughlin’s Books

Come Running When I Call

The door lay in shattered pieces scattered across the floor as my father flipped back his vest to reveal the gun he always carried. “I’m tired of you being so mouthy. You better learn to watch your tone with me.” I stuck my face right in his, leaned in, and yelled at full volume. “Pull… [Read More]

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