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Sick of dieting and hating her body, Kimber Simpkins decided to get to the bottom of her hunger and unhappy relationship with her body. The wise teachings of yoga and meditation showed her she didn’t have to live under a cloud of self-dissatisfaction and gave her the courage to share these vital tools with others. In her new memoir, Full: How one woman found yoga, eased her inner hunger, and started loving herself, Kimber wrestles her inner demons of hunger and perfection, discovers her inner best friend, and learns how love can soften and transform even the toughest parts of her heart. Kimber’s successful shift away from secret body hating to public body loving has inspired her yoga students and readers everywhere. A former civil rights lawyer, Kimber has devoted the last fifteen years to the intensive study of yoga, and has been delighted by yoga’s ability to bring joy to every aspect of life. She teaches weekly classes, Love Your Body workshops, and yoga retreats in Northern California. Find out more at kimberyoga.com and fullbykimber.com.

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