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Kiersten Hall has been writing stories all her life… in her head. She is finally taking the time to put those stories down on paper for others to read.

In 2015, she began with releasing “I Do” Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures – her humorous memoir filled with stories and mishaps from her career as a professional wedding videographer. The next year, a fictional 3-book series based on real people she has known over the years, began: Corner Confessions – A Novel (2016), The Lies We Live (2018), and the last book is due late 2020.

Books scheduled for 2019 include Kiersten’s first children’s book (May/June) along with a non-fiction opinion book (Nov/Dec.)  Early 2020 sees the release of her second children’s book about a pet octopus she once had (yes, an octopus.) In late 2020, along with the final round of secrets in her book series, she has another memoir planned.

2017: Guest blog found @ www.khallbooks.com/other-thoughts/2018/1/12/make-me-laugh
2019: Kiersten has a short story and dessert recipe included in the upcoming May release of ‘Cooked to Death, Volume IV’:
A crime & foodie anthology filled with ‘delicious’ crimes and recipes ‘to die for!’

More on upcoming books & events can be found here:

Kiersten Hall’s Books


Thirty-five jellybeans have come together to share a sweet and thoughtful poem promoting kindness and inclusivity with children, 0 to 8 years.  Join in their adventure as they discover their unique qualities while realizing they are all, ultimately, the same.  The JELLYBEANS book is sure to be a favorite among children and their family members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JELLYBEANS… [Read More]

The Lies We Live

Meet 16 more people who have the need to rid their closets of at least one skeleton… if not more. Some people are still living their confessions although they know it’s very unethical. Others will share how they were done wrong by the people they love and aren’t sure if they should reveal the information… [Read More]

“I Do” Fifteen Years of Wedding Misadventures

“This book is a MUST READ for anyone who is planning on getting married **OR** has already taken the trip down the aisle!” 15 years of memories from 1,400+ weddings as a professional videographer. There are plenty of entertaining stories to share with the readers! Chapter titles include: * Where’s Grandma? * Can I Get… [Read More]

Corner Confessions

Everyone has that one secret… that one skeleton in their closet… which will never see the light of day. No psychiatrist, priest, spouse, or best friend will ever hear this secret, yet the urge to share this information can be found in most people’s natural psyche… People want to share their experience with others… They… [Read More]

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