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Kevin M. Kraft is an award-winning author and screenwriter, as well as a singer-songwriter, cigar box guitar guru (and founder of the annual Kansas City Cigar Box Guitar Festival), actor, motion picture director and producer in Kansas City, Missouri, where he currently resides with his wife and children, for whom, despite all he does, he still makes plenty of time for.

A lover of great storytelling and an avid writer from a very young age, inspired by Ray Bradbury, Kraft was always displayed a penchant for “effective” and “visual”writing, getting the attention of teachers and fellow classman alike. Later, after forays into short stories, novelettes and novellas, he tried his hand a screenwriter, which was a perfect fit to his visual bent. His second screenplay, TOPWORLD, won a number of screenwriting awards and Kraft continued to writes script, enjoying the real-time screen format, before return again to writing novels.

With the publication of his novel, S, he introduced a new type of novel: the “contemporary religious fantasy.” With a love for great storytelling, he  set a new standard for broad-based, inspirational books with the publication of his “inspirational thriller”, MOMO (adapted from his award-winning screenplay).  Staying true to his penchant for resisting, by practice and purpose, genre typing, preferring instead to merge, blur and redefine them, he released his singular and most challenging novel to date: DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER.

Mr. Kraft enjoys getting feedback from readers and welcomes you to do so either here on Lulu or at his official website. He can often be found giving aspiring fiction writers advice in the classroom or literary event when he isn't being interview on a radio show or podcast. Teaching "effective writing" to writers of all ages is a passion for him

Incidentally, Kraft has been working hard at bringing MOMO to the big screen, lacking only the funding thus far to do so.

Kevin M. Kraft’s Books

Doboro the Bottlenecker

    Dave Granger took the wrong job with a bad man. That mistake cost him the life of his wife and daughter and nearly his own. Rendered crippled and blinded from an assassination attempt, he was spirited away to distant South Korea for his own sake, where he underwent seven years of extraordinary physical… [Read More]


From the author that brought you S: A CONTEMPORARY RELIGIOUS FANTASY and THE W-3 CREW, comes a novella critics are calling “great”, “thrilling” and “a real page turner”. In the wake of his father’s death, Mark Taylor thinks he and his son, Evan need some quality time together. He is certain that a weekend at… [Read More]

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