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Kerri Gardner is a wife, mother, author, blogger, motivational speaker and suicide survivor.

Kerri graduated High School in 1992. She attended and graduated from Bay State College in Back Bay Boston in 1994. She considers herself a JILL of All TRADES.

Unlike other authors, Kerri didn’t go to school for writing.  Instead, for years after her attempted suicide, she started writing and collecting journals.  She excelled in Literature class in both High School and College.  Writing was always a true passion; she never believed it could be a career choice for her.

After years of “trying out several careers,” including Travel Agent, Admin Assistant, IT Help Desk Support, Sales for 15 years through a home based business, Real Estate Agent and Dental Assistant.  Finally, Kerri realized her true passion was to follow her heart and write that book that she had longed to write for years, yet was afraid to try. Being ashamed of her attempted suicide for 25 years, it took an email from her daughter’s school explaining that a friend of her daughter killed herself over the weekend.  While Kerri realized that the school would be taking whatever measures it could to ensure each student had help in dealing with the loss of their classmate and friend, the email was the catalyst that enabled Kerri to stop being ashamed of her suicide attempt and use her story to help others dealing with depression, bullying, and suicidal thoughts.

Kerri is an optimist, a true leader, and a believer that we all can have our “BEST LIVES NOW,” regardless of the pain from the past or current circumstances.   Kerri believes we live in an abundant world full of exciting new opportunities.  She feels that with positive consistent action toward your dreams, you can produce a happier, more fulfilling life of your own design.  Kerri lives with her husband Trevor and their three children in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Kerri Gardner is available for select speaking engagements. To inquire, please contact Kerri through her website www.kerrigardner.net

Kerri Gardner’s Books

Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

The True Confessions of a Suicide Survivor Fighting seven years of crippling depression in a chaotic dysfunctional family, Kerri can’t imagine living another day without hope. She decides to end it all….! In the wake of a failed suicide attempt, she is terrifyingly “imprisoned” in a Mental Health Hospital to which, when released, she will… [Read More]

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