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Keith Kelly was born and raised in Slidell, Louisiana, just across the Pontchartrain from New Orleans. He formerly worked in the fast-paced world of advertising at agencies in both New Orleans, LA, and Herndon, VA (Metropolitan D.C. area), where he worked on highly successful tourism campaigns for both states. He currently works as a Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer, and remains an avid dabbler in Photography and Illustration. Photography of his travels can be found on flickr.

Keith Kelly’s Books

Mrenh Gongveal

Mrenh Gongveal: Chasing the Elves of the Khmer is a photo essay that delves into a common, but lesser understood, belief of the Cambodians. While learning about the culture and customs of Cambodia, Keith Kelly’s adopted home of 10 years, he was especially fascinated by their folklore. One particular type of shrine dedicated to the… [Read More]

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