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Born at home in McGill, NV on December 10, 1935,  Grew up in a copper milling and smelting town located in the high mountains of NE Nevada.  Daily activities included hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, swimming and of course baseball.  I grew up knowing the "Greatest Generation" and looked on them as my heroes. Experienced the threat of invasion, black outs, rationing of gas, food, clothing and made our own fun and toys.  We did without a lot of things, but were happy.  It was a life full of good morals and hard work.  Attended the U. of Utah, getting a B. S. in biology and chemistry.  Did medical research and then outside sales in lab. equipment and chemicals.  Lived in several states and had a myriad of jobs, such as Nevada State Health Inspector, home building, ranching and currently writing.  Like to write the history of the area and how we lived during the WW11 years.

Keith B. Gibson’s Books

McGill NV Memories

Growing up in a small  copper smelting town in the mtns. of NE Nevada during the WW11.  All the things young boys did for adventure and fun.  Making our own toys, collecting for the war effort.  Using ration stamps for food and clothing.  Hiking, fishing, hunting, baseball, swimming etc etc.  Blackout, and other Civil Defense. … [Read More]

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