About Kathryn McMaster

Kathryn  is a writer of true crime set in America and historical  crime fiction set in the UK, transporting you back to a different era.  Her true crime books are well-researched, unbiased and based on court records, interviews and newspaper articles. With her novels she crafts stories around unsolved murders of the Victorian and Edwardian eras highlighting poor policing practices with a rudimentary knowledge of Forensic Science that allowed the guilty to walk free, and the innocent to hang. Kathryn’s books are further enhanced by her in-depth knowledge  and training in Psychology, Criminal Profiling and Forensic Investigation which she draws on to analyze each crime in the Afterword of her novels.

She has long had a fascination with crime and the criminal mind, looking at the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’ and the dark side of the  psyche.

Her first true crime book was entitled “Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?” This book covers the shocking murder and mutilation of an eight-year old boy in Bradford, England. The murder was so heinous that it was thought, at one stage, to have been the work of Jack the Ripper. Since then, she covered the case of the infamous Scottish socialite Madeleine Smith who was accused of poisoning her working-class lover, Pierre Emile L'Angelier. This year, she published three books in a series entitled, "Kids who Kill" looking at three very different cases where children kill other children. These cover the cases of Joshua Phillips, Eric Smith, and Cristian Fernandez.

Kathryn McMaster’s Books

Kids who Kill: Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski

The murder of young teen, Reena Virk in British Columbia takes place one evening during a swarming by young teens, the majority of whom are just fourteen years of age. The book covers the tragic life of Reena Virk whose teenage angst, caused by years of not fitting in due to her appearance and the… [Read More]

Kids who Kill: Sandy Charles

WARNING: This story contains grisly and gruesome details of a child murder that some readers may find disturbing. A child has been murdered and horribly mutilated in Canada; skin stripped to render the fat for later consumption. Rumors spread of a monster on the loose, satanic cults, and ritual killings. It is a murder so… [Read More]

Kids who Kill: Joshua Phillips

Josh Phillips is a 14-year-old killer. But is he also a sexual deviant? Maddie Clifton is his victim. She is only 8. He claims the murder is an accident, but is it? As neighbors search for the missing girl her grisly remains lie hidden under his waterbed, the same waterbed he sleeps on for 6 nights before… [Read More]

Kids who Kill: Eric Smith

“I have just met the Anti-Christ.” Derrick Robie’s mother warns her young son against speaking to strangers. She never thinks to warn him against children. Four-year-old Derrick Robie, almost turning five, is a dynamite little boy, always on the go, keen to learn, keen to be independent. One morning, with a fractious younger son with… [Read More]

Kids who Kill: Cristian Fernandez

The tragic story of 12-year-old Cristian Fernandez, the youngest person in Jacksonville’s history to be charged with first degree murder, with no possibility of parole. Cristian Fernandez is just twelve. The same age his mother was, when he was born. Cristian is accused of murdering his half-brother, two-year-old David Galarraga-Blanco. While he awaits trial, his… [Read More]

Blackmail, Sex and Lies

Blackmail, Sex and Lies is a novel, based on a true story set in Glasgow, Scotland, 1857. Vengeful actions, calculating seduction, illicit sex, blackmail, and murder with an ill-timed death – this novel has it all. This is a story of deception, scandal, and fractured traditional Victorian social values. It is the tale of a… [Read More]

Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?

He’s just seven years old. He’s your son. You wave goodbye to him one morning as he disappears into the swirling fog. And then he is gone. Forever. This gripping historical crime fiction novel, based on fact, is set in Bradford, England,1888. It is explores the horrific murder of Johnny Gill; a murder and mutilation… [Read More]

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