About Karen Sue Conlin

Since 2012 I have been providing top-notch editing services to indie authors. I started as a technical editor back in the ’80s, first for a computer-training-video creator, then for Scott, Foresman and Company in their nascent electronic publishing division. From there I went to TSR, Inc., which was at that time the premier publisher of role-playing game materials. While there, I went from “editor” to “creative director,” which correlates to “production editor” for many businesses these days. I also maintained the stable of freelance editors.

These days, I concentrate on developmental and copy editing for indie authors.

I also offer a slimmed-down developmental critique, for those who don’t want a full edit but would like to know where they are on track and where they need help.

My MS review service is for nonfiction writers, but is similar in scope to the developmental critique.

My services are described in detail on Google Drive. You can find the links on my website.