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Karen Jonice Bricker invites you to take a look at her recent children's picture book; Destination Adventure. Ms. Bricker is a former early childhood teacher, and currently, a physical therapist in southeastern, Massachusetts. She now shares her children's favorite adventure stories, that she told them time and time again, when they were young. Ms. Bricker's first children's picture book, The Magic Straw Hat, has received both, an Indie Excellence Award and a Purple Dragonfly Award.



Website: karenbricker.com

Karen Jonice Bricker’s Books

Destination Adventure

When young Kit’s spontaneous father takes the family on a vacation, they never know where they might end up or what might happen. Read along to discover the challenge Kit’s two brothers face on the rocky coast of Maine and how Kit and a new friend help to save the day and bring inspiration to… [Read More]

Destination Adventure

The Magic Straw hat

The Magic Straw Hat tells a story of a little girl, named Caitie, and her magical journey with her great-grandmother’s straw hat. Caitie takes us on a exciting adventure, while discovering challenges along her way. Children will be intrigued by the delightful illustrations, and Caitie’s unforgettable shared moments with her great- grandmother and a new… [Read More]

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