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Kathy Gause is a retired nurse and freelance writer living in Irving, Texas. She comes from a long line of Texans, including Jesse Billingsley, who fought for Texas Independence alongside Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. She has been married to her best friend and love of her life since 1983. Together, she and her husband, Paul, have three grown children and four awesome grandchildren (Caden, Allison, Bricen, and Andrew) for whom her books are dedicated to.

The Adventures of Arnie Armadillo is about a lonely armadillo from Missouri who longs to meet other armadillos. After he hears so much about the state of Texas and how there are a lot of armadillos living there, Arnie decides to leave the only home he has ever known and travel alone to Texas. Soon after arriving there, he makes a new and dear friend, Albert Armadillo, and becomes an adopted member of Albert’s family. Arnie and Albert decide to go on a road trip of Texas and explore the seven different regions: Texas Piney Woods, Texas Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Texas Hill Country, Big Bend Country, Texas Panhandle Plains, and the Texas Prairies and Lakes. After their extensive road trip of Texas, Arnie and Albert decide to discover all they can about the brave men and women who helped make Texas first a republic and then a state.

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The Adventures of Arnie Armadillo in the State of Texas

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