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J. Saburra is an outsider artist, freelance writer, and ecologist from the Pacific Northwest. The author is a newly-minted creator and self-publisher of poetry and prose. She performs, speaks, and interacts at open mics and poetry gatherings across the west coast of America, presenting novel perspective on the conscious nature that fuses generations of theorists.

J. Saburra’s Books

Ten Hypnotic Texts

A book of ten unmetered verses. Insight into the mind. A systematic trail of thought. Exploration of pentameter.

Party of One

A book of cacophemism. Unfettered internal dialogue. A controlled experiment. Shamanic healing of the self.


“Vox” is Saburra’s second collection of free verse and prose. It is a challenge to the bounds of American culture; a requiem to love and to the lost. The author addresses the subjects of life and death, beliefs, politics, metaphysics, kinship, captivity, and folklore through the use of naïve and sentimental writing styles.

Song Dogs

“Song Dogs” is the debut collection of poetry and prose by J. Saburra. Saburra takes the reader on a conscious journey through the creative writings of her early years. Explore the paradoxes of adolescence and adulthood, counter-culture, relationships, mental health, totems, and the creative process. Enjoy compelling illustrations from the first-person perspective of an outsider… [Read More]

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