About Joseph M. Labaki

Joseph M Labaki was born in the Rif region of Morocco in 1950. After obtaining PhDs from the University of Louvain and the University of Southampton, he subsequently became the Professor du Chair at the University of Rabat. Upon moving to Scotland, he gained a BD from Edinburgh University, where he still lives in the city with his wife and two daughters.

His first book, 'Inconscient et Sexualite,' was in the field of phenomenology, in which he continues to teach and research. 'A Riffian’s Tune' is his first novel.

Website: www.jmlabaki.com

Joseph M. Labaki’s Books

A Riffian’s Tune

Deep in the heart of the rural Rif mountains, one boy’s life is dictated by tribal tradition, superstition and religion. But Jusef dreams of more; it’s a dream that will send him far from his shepherding hills to the bustle of the big city in search of education, meaning and, above all, a different way… [Read More]

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