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Born in the year 1961, which is a type of palindrome in itself; just jot 1961 down on a piece of paper and turn it upside-down. You’ll see what I mean. But turn me upside-down and I’d be standing on my head; big difference. So, where do I begin the story of my life. Well now, I suppose a basic outline will suffice.

              With an average education; only advancing to year 10 in High School. John chose to use his talent for art and pursue a trade in Signwriting, receiving a Trade Certificate in the industry in 1983. He stayed employed at the small family business of Sign Design in Taren Point, Sydney Australia until 1988, and then moved to Tasmania to embark in the clothing industry. However, this was unsuccessful and returned to Sign Design later that year to stay until 1993.

            The move back to Tasmania was on the cards again as his future son Andrew changed priorities, and as luck would have it; born on December 25th 2:30pm. Now living on the banks of the beautiful Tamar River in northern Tasmania, John wore many hats as a self-employed contractor. Hiring his talents out to Dunn’s Monumental as an epitaph engraver, Tasmanian Painters & Signwriters and picking up local clientele too.

            Sadly, John’s health took a turn for the worst and was advised by doctors to move to a warmer climate. In 2003 the Egans moved to Mareeba, Queensland; a mere 3,862 kilometers away. Unable to work anymore, it was up to his wife Rhonda to step-up and become the bread-winner of the family. Securing a position as a guard in the local prison, Lotus Glen; a high-risk job that paid well.

            Now coping somewhat with the insidious condition, Fibromyalgia in 2012, John turned his extra time toward the craft of writing and began in the field of Sci-Fi. In 2019 he self-published the first book in a series of three, EYES ABOVE EARTH.

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