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John Emmerling is author of It Only Takes One: How To Create the Right Idea—And Then Make it Happen (Simon & Schuster.) Originally published 1991, Simon & Schuster (happily) republished the title in October 2016 as paperback and eBook. Look for author video on the book page at Simon & Schuster website.

John also wrote—and illustrated—his dog Max’s groundbrreaking tell-all, WoofiLeaks—Your Dog’s Secrets Revealed (Water Bowl Publishing.) Launched in November 2016, Max’s secrets can make you as smart as your dog (well, almost.)

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WoofiLeaks–Your Dog’s Secrets Revealed is an amusing (and, yes, even educational) book about dog behavior. Available as paperback now, coming soon as eBook and hardcover, this tell-all explains why dogs do the dozens of wonderful–yet puzzling–things they do. But you might ask: “Why do I need to know these secrets?” Well, think about this: Whenever… [Read More]

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