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Jill  Regensburg, Author of  “The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures In Sustainability”

Jill Regensburg grew up in New York City, a native of Manhattan. She spent summers playing in the ocean off of Fire Island and The Springs, L.I., and many happy summers at camp in Thetford, VT. In Greenwich Village, she attended NYU as a student of Theatre Arts. After working in off Broadway theatre and TV production, she spent time in France studying cooking at Maxim’s in Paris. Her Family moved to Westport, Ct. when her children were 6 and 2, and there she created one of the first “natural food” restaurants called Something Special. Embracing the Organic, Local, Seasonal food movement, she became a student of Permaculture and eventually migrated north to the woods of Marlboro VT where she strived to become self sufficient, helping to carve out a sustainable homestead. This is the setting for her first Children’s book for young readers and listeners. The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures in SustainAbility is a contemporary, environmental adventure story that focuses on the many green, earth friendly life choices that are available to all of us, here on our challenged planet.

Jill Regensburg’s Books

The Runaway Dandelion; Adventures In SustainAbility

A once idyllic meadow, home to animals, birds, insects, wildflowers and ancient apple trees is clear cut by a bulldozer to make way for new construction. Miraculously, there is one survivor…a lonely little dandelion. When her golden petals turn to white fluff, she takes flight in search of a new home. We get a bird’s… [Read More]

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