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Jessub Flower is a writer that resides in the Bay Area. He has written three novels, several screenplays, a few plays for the theatre, and has published articles and short stories. Follow him on Twitter @jessflower and visit his website at jessubflower.com

Jessub Flower’s Books

Daisy Hill

He is known only as “The Reverend.” A circuit rider that has trudged with his faithful Clydesdale, Samson, for too many years. Into too many villages. With too few results. In the midst of his draining hope and dying faith, he begins having insane visions of a young Indian woman begging him to help her…. [Read More]


Jordy Nichols is eleven-almost-twelve. He’s also an orphan, having no other family than his Uncle Carver. The pair have hazy, almost nonexistent memories of their past — in fact, the only thing they know is that Uncle Carver adopted him as a baby, and the uncle simply cannot remember life without the boy. Jordy, whose… [Read More]

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