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When I was a little girl, I loved to play with my sister and all of our toys. We usually both received the same type of toy so we would not fight over them. I was talking to my mom one day. I told her I was worried about my toys when my sister and I grew up. I was very attached to my toys and wanted to bring them with me when I moved out of the house someday. I knew my sister would want to take her toys with her too. What would happen to our toys if they did not have their twin toy friend? My mom told me not to worry. The toys would find each other. This is how the idea of The Underground Toy Society was born.

My mom passed away due to breast cancer in 1995 when she was 43 years old.

I graduated from Southern Columbia Area High School.  I went to Bloomsburg University for two years, and Thomas Jefferson University for two years.  I am an Occupational Therapist.  I have always enjoyed helping others.  I have experienced two injuries which gave me a different perspective of my profession as an OT.  I wrote a short story about my experiences.

I live in PA with my husband and two children.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for my toys.  I saved all my toys from when I was a child.  I could not let that piece of my life go.  I never expected my own children would be so blessed to receive so many toys.  The only problem was, it broke my heart to see so many toys not being played with due to an overabundance in the house.  I told my kids they better take care of their toys and love them all, or they might just leave and get help from the Underground Toy Society.

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