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An enthusiastic vagabond, Jerry Dubs has published seven novels, the most recent being "Suti and the Broken Staff," a sequel to the popular four-book series about the ancient Egyptian Imhotep. In 2008, Jerry and his wife, Deb, sold their Camp Hill, PA, home to move into an apartment in Raleigh, NC, the beginning of a plan to downsize and simplify. In 2012, they shed more of their possessions — selling or giving away all of their furniture, books, records, CD, DVDs, winter clothing, knick-knacks and television. Able to stow all of their possessions in a Honda Civic, they began to wander the southeast in search of warm weather and well-kept tennis courts. (He sporadically blogs about their lifestyle at http://jerrydubs.blogspot.com/.)

When not playing tennis or planning his next stop, Jerry writes. He has published five time-travel novels based in ancient Egypt. On a more contemporary note, he wrote "Kaleidoscope," an almost-murder mystery that bounces between parallel universes. Taking a break from science fiction he wrote, "The Earth Is My Witness," a multi-layered mystery flavored with a dash of Buddhism and Existentialism.

Jerry Dubs’ Books

The Buried Pyramid

Readers of “Imhotep” will find themselves transported once more to ancient Egypt with Imhotep, King Djoser, Meryt, Hetephernebti and other familiar characters in this second novel about the famous architect of the Step Pyramid. Both a prequel and sequel to “Imhotep,” “The Buried Pyramid” begins as the Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt comes crashing to… [Read More]


Stumbling in the dark of an unfinished tomb beneath the sands of Saqqara, American tourist Tim Hope unknowingly passes through a time portal that leads to ancient Egypt — a time before the Sphinx, before the great pyramids of Giza, and long before the loss of his beloved Addy. When he discovers that two other… [Read More]

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