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Jennifer Redmile grew up on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney NSW, Australia and now lives in Geraldton WA with her husband, 23yo son and two gorgeous puppy dogs. She has always been an avid fantasy fiction reader, and always worked with children, so when she decided to write a novel, it was a natural progression to combine the two and make it a children's fantasy novel.
In 1997 she wrote a children's musical, entitled Beyond the Stars, for the local Catholic primary school, with a cast of over 300.
Jennifer recently completed Book 2 in The Children of When series, Valleron, which is awaiting publication, and is currently working on the 3rd book in the series, Dragardia.

Jennifer Redmile’s Books

What Ghost?

Billy is horrified when his parents tell him he has to go to boarding school for a year. At 15, it means leaving all his friends and having to adjust to a completely new life. Ok, so big deal? Yeah right, except the spirit of his twin sister Becky, who died at birth, refuses to… [Read More]

The Children of When

Leah, Raff, and Belle have been raised in separate “foster-homes” until they turn fourteen. On that day, the law states they must leave everything for an unknown future. When they are magically transported to another world, they discover not only each other, but a prophecy that has waited 1000 years for their arrival. To fulfill… [Read More]

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