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Born in the North East, I am a young, married mum with three children. An author and an advocate for women in abusive relationships. I am an entrepreneur, running a family business from my home-base and I have a large readership of other young mums in business for my blog posts.

I have received awards for both of my publications and was titled the Most Informative Blogger of 2018 and a #WOW winner in 2019. 

‘Isolation Junction’ was published in 2016.

From an early age I have had a passion for writing and have been gathering ideas and plot lines from my teenage years.  A passionate advocate for women in abusive relationships, I have amalgamated and fictionalised other survivors experiences alongside my own to write my first novel detailing the journey of a young woman from the despair of an emotionally abusive and unhappy marriage to develop the confidence to challenge and change her life and to love again.  I hope that in reading my first publication- Isolation Junction, I will raise awareness of this often hidden and unseen behaviour and empower women in abusive relationships to seek help for themselves and find the confidence to change their lives.

Since this publication I have continued to be an advocate for those in abusive relationships through her blog posts, radio interviews and Twitter feed.

My second publication was released in October 2017; I put together stories told to me by survivors of domestic abuse. In this way, I hope to give a voice to their experiences and to raise awareness of the types of unacceptable behaviour which fall into the category of domestic abuse. Thankfully the law has changed to incorporate this kind of insidious behaviour but still far too many people are trapped, isolated and afraid or unaware of how to escape. I hope that this anthology will give them the courage to take that first step and will raise awareness for those who can help them.

Find out more on her website - www.jennifergilmour.com 

Facebook- www.facebook.com/isolationjunctionbook  

Twitter- www.twitter.com/JenLGilmour 

Instagram- www.instagram.com/JenLGilmour


YouTube- http://bit.ly/2riiwZ0 

Jennifer Gilmour’s Books

Clipped Wings

The silent chorus. Just imagine you thought that you had met the man or woman of your dreams. This person was charming and you thought they were the one or perhaps that this was fate; it was just meant to be. But as the months go by things start to change. Their behaviour towards you… [Read More]

Isolation Junction

100 reasons to leave, 1,000 reasons to stay When Rose married the love of her life she was expecting the perfect family life she’d always dreamed of, but before her first child was born her husband, Darren, changed. Almost overnight Rose’s life is turned upside down and the life she’d envisioned seemed like an impossible… [Read More]

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