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I began writing in 2004 with a blog titled, “The Southern Scribe.” That blog was one of the first Christian blogs on the Internet. What can I say? I am an early adapter. As time went on, I didn’t think that blogging would catch on and due to my time constraints, I gave up blogging. On occasion I would blog about something that interested me or blog about an issue that excited me or annoyed me. In 2007 I wrote and self published a book on vision titled VisionalLife, a raving success selling all of three hundred copies. Here it is 2013 and I have re-written that book and named it Uncluttered: When Spiritual Clutter Hinders God’s Vision For Life. You can find out more about this book and it’s release date by going to www.unclutteredbook.com.

I have written a short eBook titled Missionary Writing as well that can be found on Amazon.com

Jeff Calloway’s Books


Uncluttered examines reasons why people have no vision and gives practical ways to catch God’s vision for your life or ministry. Vision is not a way of thinking, but a concrete roadmap that God has for your life and the life of your church or perhaps a business with God at its center.

Your Blank Page

A simple and straight forward book that leads you step by step on how to craft your life’s vision statement through the lens of a Christian Worldview. This book will lead you in the process of moving forward by taking a simple blank page of paper and crafting your personal vision statement.

Missionary Writing

Missionary Writing focuses on the writers pursuit of passion to write much like the passion a missionary has to abandon all. This short eBook looks at a writers calling of spreading the message they have to share that must be heard. Think about a missionary, that person has a calling and acts on it knowing… [Read More]

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