About JD Stanley

Magic is just science we don’t understand.

Sometimes we
forget every mysterious thing was considered magic before we learned the
truth. These natural properties of the earth, the universe, time and
space continue to fascinate us, too. And the quest into the greatest
mystery of all, the shared human condition, is one we’re compelled to
continue. Because we know it’s where we’ll one day learn the truth of
our own existence.

There’s a reason we call the association of
letters in words spelling, you know. Writing casts spells. We don’t want
to know the secret of how it works, either. We crave the illusion,
want the thrill of not understanding it. We’re not so sophisticated that
we’ve outgrown it. Not just yet. So even now, sharing speculation
through story about the confounding forces that created and drive us
remains a magic of the highest order.JD Stanley is a fantasy and
speculative fiction writer with a rabid interest in the magic of
science and a preternatural curiosity about human interaction. The
intersection of positive and negative energy, light and dark, collides
in villains you love to hate and anti-heroes who drag their heels to do
the right thing. Played-out against history, myth and scientific
speculation, the quest into those unseen forces that drive the human
condition is ventured with a magic wand in one hand and multiverse
theory in the other

Beyond writing, JD is co-executive producer/screenwriter, webmaster and “corporate boring stuff guy” for the independent film promotion and production company, Bony Fiddle.

Website: jdstanley.com

JD Stanley’s Books

The Seer

They say he fed the heads of their enemies to a chained dragon. And mixed potions by the light of a caged fairy. No one could say with certainty where he was born, but they blamed that foreign place for his heathen upbringing. He rode on the wind and spoke to trees and could transform… [Read More]

Blood Runner

“I’m everything they speak about in whispers. I’m the evil that travels through the mist at night. I am the bringer of death the whole world fears…” In this Book Excellence Award Finalist story, Richard flits from life-to-life, changing names and creating his own reality. Because he can’t remember who he is. And can’t die…. [Read More]

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