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Writing began as a solution to my sorely inadequate attempts at communication. That day came when just one too many misunderstood statements pushed me into a state of terror; was I destined to live under a cloud of ridicule forever. Well, not if I had a choice.

Seven years, two novels, a dozen short stories, and many thousands of emails later, actually I ain't too darn bad. At least my wife says so, and she makes this assertion after years of being harangued about pronouns et al. Still, she loves me for the effort. And she loved my one and only effort at publishing, which won an international short story competition. So yep, I am a newbie with ambitions.

I write about what is meaningful on the journey through life--at least to me. After 40 years meditation, not surprisingly the theme of my work is escape. And fiction is my avenue because truth is just to darn tough to write about, particularly since I know so little about it.

Website: sedonablog.net

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