About Janelle Rae Moore

Author Janelle R. Moore(1988)

Grew up in Edmonds Washington.

Loves Animals, Best friend was

a Dog named Buddy Dino Moore.

Shy, but strong.

Suffered meny Mental problems.

Diploma in Psychology

Diploma in English

Janelle Rae Moore’s Books

Panic’s Of Tremble2

This book is rated R. Horrific, Gruesome, and sick. This book is the second series of Panic’s Of Tremble1  

Panic’s Of Tremble1

Kirck Spence is confused, scared, and does not know what is going on. His wife Stella is missing, and something about a house called the seventh Gate had to do with someone or something very unusual.

Helping is First

Leroy finds himself, finding a purpose for living the truth.He meets a woman named Gloria, and she invites him to this group of sad and trouble some people who need help.Leroy is on a mission now. With a surprising ending.

Desire Of Obsession12

Emyla is desperately in love with a man named Jason.But there is secret, after secret, after secret. Jason is keeping all these secrets from Emyla, and she does not know why. Emyla hanging on try’s to find herself, but not what she even dreamed of.

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