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A resident of the Limousin region of France, I currently have seven novels to my credit. Published in 2011, my fourth novel, 'Eight' featured a detective and one of his suspects from a previous trilogy. The novels in the original mystery crime series, 'Animal Instinct', 'Killer Butterfly' and 'The Courier' were published in 2008 / 2009 / 2010.
More recently, writing historical fiction novels has replaced my previous focus on the genre of mystery crime. After considerable research, interviews with survivors from the Second World War and site visits, in 2012 I wrote and published 'Les Ruines', a novel about the activities of the French resistance and the involvement of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the Nazi occupation.
'Risk', my next novel portrayed the organization and implementation of escape lines across the Pyrenees during WWII; it was published in the spring of 2013. Whilst researching the background to this vital clandestine activity, I joined the Escape Lines Memorial Society, based in the UK.
My latest novel, 'Something Old, Something New', published in the spring of 2014, another historical fiction novel about France during the Second World War, explored the ordeal of the occupation suffered by a French family in Montauban, and the traumatic impact experienced by its descendants.
'Les Ruines' is due to be published later this year in French. I am also involved with a writers' group in the Creuse department and, in August 2014, I will be participating with 500 French, British & German people in a Fresque Historique at Bridiers, a spectacular to commemorate 100 years since the Great War.

James Vance’s Books

Something Old, Something New


Following the Dunkerque evacuation of WWII, a young British soldier finds himself stranded behind enemy lines in France. He evades capture with the help of a French family that vows to resist the German occupation. On his return to England, the Special Operations Executive recruits the young man to organise secret escape lines in France…. [Read More]

Les Ruines

Les Ruines paints a picture of life in southwest France during the dark years of the German occupation towards the end of the Second World War. Almost seventy years later, a young woman stumbles on a mystery from that period and embarks on a mission to seek the truth. Her quest takes her on a… [Read More]


In her new role as an operative for the security services, Louise Charrière is dispatched to France to investigate a people smuggling operation. An ongoing inquiry into the deaths of several young French males in the U.K. brings her into contact with her old adversary, Inspector Massey. Clashes of personality and previous antagonisms hinder the… [Read More]

The Courier

In their quest to solve what originally appears to be a mundane case of misplaced baggage involving an innocent student, detectives Massey and Turner are drawn into a complex web of deceit. The action takes place in and around central London as their team attempts to discover into what crime, if any, they have stumbled… [Read More]

Killer Butterfly

After visiting a fortune teller at a May Fair, a teenage rebel sets out to fulfil her destiny of fame and fortune together with its associated materialistic lifestyle. The story centers around Petra who strives to free herself from her perceived dysfunctional family into a world that opens her eyes to the power of her… [Read More]

Animal Instinct

The discovery of a naked body on a waste disposal site prompts an immediate police investigation into a murder and possible rape enquiry, which becomes the responsibility of Detective Inspector Massey. Working with a close-knit team in a town containing a number of renowned criminals, he expects to bring about a speedy conclusion to the… [Read More]

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