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Jim Mullaney is the author of over 30 books, as well as comics, short stories, novellas and opinion pieces. His work has been published by New American Library, Gold Eagle/Harlequin, Marvel Comics, Tor and Moonstone Books. The first paperback of his Red Menace ebook action-adventure series was released to bookstores in spring 2013 by Moonstone. He is also author of the comic ebook Crag Banyon Mystery series. One of the Crag Banyon mysteries, Devil May Care, has been nominated for the 2013 SHAMUS award for best Indie P.I.

James Mullaney’s Books

Bum Luck

BANYON INVESTIGATIONS, INC. CASES CRACKED. REASONABLE RATES. When a desperate leprechaun needs to locate his lost pot of gold, there’s only one P.I. in town dogged and sober enough to take the case. Unfortunately, his first choice is in Bimini dodging an IRS audit, so he calls on Crag Banyon instead. That’s just the start… [Read More]

A Red Letter Day

A SAFE BET? Official Washington is in an uproar when late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s top secret safe is found and then promptly goes missing. Rumor has it that Hoover was infamous for collecting files on all the nation’s powerful movers and shakers, so there’s no telling what damning information exists within the high-tech… [Read More]

Sea No Evil

NEW CASE. NEW CLIENT. SAME HANGOVER. It starts out as a simple maritime stalking case, which Banyon flat-out refuses. The would-be client is the god of the sea, see, and Crag Banyon is a strict reformed agnostic: while he believes in the existence of gods, he prefers it if they don’t pester him during happy… [Read More]

Red the Riot Act

RED IS THE NEW GOLD There’s more than meets the eye when inmates riot in a West Coast maximum security prison. What could transform men into wild beasts? Turns out the dead prisoners are guinea pigs in a larger scheme, and Washington sends in the only two men who can deal with the sinister plot…. [Read More]

Royal Flush

TURN THAT CROWN UPSIDE-DOWN… When Banyon takes an easy gig bodyguarding the visiting Queen of Albion, he figures for the first time in his career he’s finally got it made. A little quick cash for an afternoon’s work. What can go wrong? When you’re Crag Banyon, don’t ask. No sooner does he take the job… [Read More]

Drowning in Red Ink

RECIPE FOR DISASTER! Take one psycho beauty hell-bent on revolution. Add millions in illicit cash. Stir in one counterculture army. Simmer in a political pressure cooker until it explodes into America’s streets. A devastating attack in the heartland leaves a stunned nation reeling. Claiming credit for the unprovoked strike is a new radical group called… [Read More]

Devil May Care

For a savvy private investigator like Crag Banyon, tackling cases that are too hot to handle comes with the territory. But even a plucky P.I. with an occasionally unsavory client roster has his limits. So when a demon shows up at the front door of Banyon Investigations with a pile of cash and a plea… [Read More]

Red on the Menu

HOLD THE PICKLE, HOLD THE HOMICIDE! Something fishy is going on at famous Franklin Morrow’s Restaurants. Why is the most successful chain of eateries in the U.S. suddenly catering to the murder and mayhem crowd, and who exactly is the mysterious man in the ten gallon hat with an all-you-can eat appetite for death and… [Read More]

Flying Blind

CRAG BANYON. HE’S JUST SUPER. When Minus, the city’s newly minted superhero, shows up at Banyon Investigations looking for help tracking down his archenemy, Banyon’s first instinct is to tell his prospective client to take a flying leap. Supervillains are notoriously unforgiving types, and so when it comes to dealing with them Banyon has a… [Read More]

Red and Buried

By the author of The New Destroyer, the Adventures of Remo Williams! WHO IS THE RED MENACE? In the 1950s, the mysterious masked figure was a shadow and a whisper in Cold War corridors from Moscow to Beijing. Where walked the Red Menace, America’s enemies knew fear. And death. Then, in 1960, the whisper grew… [Read More]

One Horse Open Slay

“Hello, you’ve reached Banyon Investigations….” Crag Banyon is just your run-of-the-mill P.I. He’s got a secretary who loves to hate and hates to love him. His worst enemy in the world is on the local force and relishes the thought of seeing Banyon behind bars. And he’s got a knack for attracting all the crazies… [Read More]

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