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Over Here is the first book of the Keller-Martin Intrigue Series written by James Hockenberry and published by HN Books, LLC.
"World War One explodes onto the streets of New York", in Over Here a work of fiction based on actual historical events.
Sergeant Gil Martin of NYPD's elite Bomb Squad battles an extensive and well-financed German clandestine war designed to sop the flow of American good and money to the Allies. His main adversary is Danie Caarsens, a former Boer weapons and explosives expert. Caught between them is the pacifist German-American businessman, John Wittig, whole inside knowledge of Morgan Bank secrets is coveted by German agents.
Action moves from New York Harbor and across Manhattan to the power centers of Washington and Berlin. The stakes mount when German saboteurs bomb American munitions ships and factories. Caarsens greatest success occurs when he blows up Black Tom Island, a major munitions depot behind the Statue of Liberty. The action culminates as Caarsens attacks Wall Street in a desperate attempt to destroy and terrorize America's financial center, with Martin hot on his heels.
German saboteurs actually destroyed Black Tom Island on July 30, 1916, in an explosion that reached 5.5 on the Richter scale. It was considered by some to be the largest terrorist attack by foreign agents on U.S. soil before the tragedy of 9/11.
Well founded in historical fact, this fast paced thriller describes crucial but little-known aspects of America and World War One.

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