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Ibidun was born in the United States and has been writing for a long time. He/she wrote a few unpublished books at a young age. After those books were written, Ibidun advanced in a previous school and learned more about writing. A few years later, it was decided that Ibidun wants to become an author and wrote “Qualiteria High”.

He/she has also written

  1. The Mysterious Man
  2. Black Cat
  3. Clouds in the Sky (short story)
  4. Entry of a Soul Lover (short story)

Ibidun is currently working on a dystopian novel.

Ibidun’s Books

Black Cat

There is a distant city that is about to meet its doom, but it takes a while for the doom to take full effect. Fatal things have happened, but it is not enough. That is why a pair of messengers came to the city. Their names are Black Cat and her associate, and their job… [Read More]

The Mysterious Man

Once, there was a teenage girl who lives in New York City with her abusive mother. Her mother is very mean to her and makes her complete errands every morning for a particular reason. One day, her mother gave her an errand to complete and sent her outside. While she was outside, the girl meets… [Read More]

Qualiteria High

When five teenagers receive an invitation to a mysterious boarding school, they eventually agree to go to the tour which is scheduled on Saturday. They venture to the school and along the way, discover a whole new town filled with many colors, unusual people, and a weird object that freaks them out. Finally, they arrive… [Read More]

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