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Greg has worked with adults, children and young people for most of his life. Greg is an experienced educationalist, and has the ability to take almost any concept and make it age related. For more than three decades Greg has held students enthralled with his fast moving stories. For years, past students have been pestering him to put the stories into print, so finally he has.

When complete his 'Solly & Harry Adventure series will have thirty books.Two other series are in production 'Tuggers Travels' and 'Rocky Rhino- Eco Warrior'. Both of these series will have 20 books each.
After living in Africa for many years, Greg now lives in the UK. Greg has been married for thirty three years to the most amazing woman and has two adult children and four grand children.

Greg's latest release for adults is the action fiction "Recalled" and is the first in the Angel Force Series.

Greg has been a soldier, educationalist, pastor and honourary ranger. Greg is a gifted speaker who can deliver a range of seminars encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects. 

Greg Hibbins’ Books


Two men. Two causes. Who will prevail? It is early May in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The coastal Cornish towns are starting to come alive as the early spring visitors begin to arrive. However, a dark threat looms… The peaceful Cornish landscape is about to be shattered as an al-Qaeda attack is simultaneously launched… [Read More]

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