About Adele M.D. Hays

Hays is an author, technologist and analyst.

She has settled in the USA but has also lived and worked in France, Australia, Guam and New Zealand. An avid traveler; she has visited the UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Dubai, Oman, Tahiti, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Spain to name but a few. A love of great food and wine has drawn her to France and Italy on numerous occasions.

Hays has a Masters degree from Macquarie University.

Website: www.amdhays.com

Adele M.D. Hays’ Books

The Sixth

Welcome to the gaslit, cobblestoned streets of Paris, 1910. Florbela Sarmentos is twenty-one and she knows what she wants: art, romance, and to free her father from the prison of Portugal’s despotic King Manuel II. Born in Lisbon, educated in London and at a painting academy in Cherbourg, France, the cosmopolitan Florbela moves to Paris… [Read More]


When a powerful virtual agent makes its way out of the lab, the military will stop at nothing to get it back. Hays hacks into our greatest fears of technology while simultaneously tempting us with the phenomenal capabilities of twenty-first-century electronics. This smart, topical, furious-paced thriller thrusts world-class cryptographer Dee Lockwood against an array of… [Read More]

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