• Harvey Austin added a new Work in Progress 4 years ago

    Elders Rock! Don’t just get old: Become an Elder

      I am looking for blurbs I can use for the cover or inside PREFACE This book is unique. The…

    • We wholeheartedly embrace your subject, Harvey. Our youth-obsessed modern culture is diminished by relegating our elders to the fringes, leaving us bereft of their hard-earned wisdom and experience.

      • Thank you so much. I couldn’t agree more. Our world looks the way it does as a correlate to the thinking humanity has done so far (Einstein). And the thinking it has done has been without the wisdom of the Elder… for there has been no Elder.

    • Great concept, Harvey. You might even consider calling the book Elderhood: Life in Full Bloom. You might want to take a look at a terrific book I am reading right now. It is by a writer/physicist named Leonard Mlodinow and it is called The Upright Thinkers. It is all about the evolution of man and science and how we got to understand how the universe works and how we humans learned to adapt to our environment. Good luck with your much needed book.

      • Harry, I forgot to mention that BookWorks provides a blurb for the cover of your book if you are a Premium Member. Thanks. I hope your series is coming along well.