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Carla was born to sing and to write.

At a very young age she was asked to perform on stage with her mother and brother during church sevices. Since then her career as a singer has grown and branched out in
different directions. Carla has been a head liner performing her own music before thousands and has been back up for great artists such as Barry Manilow and Paul Anka.
She also has recorded and still enjoys performing with native american flutes.

Carla started to write poetry when she was very young. She had the natural rythm and talent for making words rhyme. It was as easy to her as breathing as well as writing
music and lyrics. So, when she was asked by Melanie Taylor Kent to write a children’s book, all of Carla’s talent came to focus. She went to work right away and wrote her
first book “What’s On The other Side Of The Rainbow?” Now Carla was committed for life and she knew in her heart she would do what ever it took to make her book a

So, what to do first. She took her idea to the ABA convention. While there she recieved 250 orders from book stores and libraries from all over the world.

Carla was Grateful!

Next she mailed her manuscript to the larger and smaller publishers and even though they would respond in 3 weeks time, the answer was not now.

Carla however, was not about to quit or give up. So she continued her singing, life education, writing more books 13 all together and pursuing her dream of being a published author.

It took many years to accomplish however in FEBUARY of 2006 Carla’s dream would become a reality!!!!

Now she is over joyed with her life reading to children and watching their faces light up with intelligence and Love.

I LOVE MY LIFE and I Love What I Do! With a Grateful Heart …Carla

Carla has also written a movie script based off of her first book and several producers are showing interest!!!

In 2014 Carla's second book "The Dream Puppy"TM was published. It is a fairy tale for animals that has a very happy ending!

Since its publishing "The Dream Puppy" has been produced as a musical play performed by the lovely talented children from "Life Long Dreams." They have been featured on PBS. I am amazed by them...:-)


In 1999 Carla recorded a CD with the wonderful pianist Randall Leonard titled;
“Pastrorale for the Winged Ones”.

“Carla’s greatest wish is that some day all violence will end with one great big “HUSH.”
“Humanity Universally Singing Harmony”

“Here’s to a seed I know can grow.”

With a Grateful Heart,

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