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Name: Graham Paterson
Email: guggzie@gmail.com

Bio: Born and educated in South Australia where I completed my Articles in Surveying and Photogrammetry. Married Cynthia in 1960, also born in South Australia, and celebrated 54 years of marriage when she died in 2014. After a 35 year career in mining and exploration, working in Papua New Guinea, Malaya, Indonesia, Fiji and every mainland State in Australia, I retired in 1990. During this career, I had the necessity to learn 4 languages and this prompted me to complete a Certificate in Teaching in 1996. That qualification and my overseas experience, led to volunteer assignments in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia and China. When living in Indonesia from 1969 to 72, I was introduced to the Indonesian Constitution as it was often referred to in business negotiations. It was also sold in shops and street stalls throughout the Nation and taught in Schools. In a sense it was a true “people’s” Constitution. At that stage, I knew absolutely nothing about the Australian Constitution. On returning to Australia in 1973, I obtained a copy of the Australia Constitution and was appalled at the document. It became quite clear why our Constitution is never taught in Australian Schools.
In between working overseas and throughout Australia, I have made submissions to Constitutional Conventions, given speeches to groups and developed a detailed Periodic Constitutional Review System. As a result of this ongoing involvement with the Australian Constitution I subsequently compiled my experience and writings into a book titled, “A Constitutional Journey” and published in 2013 by Xlibris. (Currently being published as an eBook by SBPRA) This book has been followed by another book titled, “The Australian Constitution as it is Actually Written”, published by SBPRA. This latter book is the first of its type to be published in 114 years, as it looks at every Clause, Section and Subsection of the Constitution in terms of their relevancy in today’s society.

As a result of teaching English as a foreign language in China, I have had 5 books published by Foreign Language Press of Beijing. The first book was published in 2006 and the latest in 2011. The books target learners of English from University level to positions in Business Management.

The titles are

50 Topics of Current World Issues

Speaking English in Groups

100 Topics for CET6 Writing (CET is College Entrance Test)

50 Topics on Business Management

1000 Business Words

In addition, I have proofread and modified the English translation of 5 other books for the publisher.


My biography has been listed in the 1980-81 Edition of “Who’s Who in the World”, as well as the 6th Edition of “International Register of Profiles” and the Commerative edition of “Community Leaders of the World”.

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