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I’m Geri Rhodes, the widow and editor of Ralph Flores’s books.  He left behind several manuscripts when he died.  First published by 48HrBooks is Tales from La Perla: A Misspent Hippie Youth (Dec. 2018).  Then, again with the help of 48HrBooks, I brought out a paperback version of his award-winning Horse in the Kitchen: Stories of a Mexican-American Family (Jan. 2019, hardback UNM Press 2004).  In process are Fractured Fables (illustrated by family and friends) and Moral Tales and Ruminations, as well as a Spanish translation of Horse in the Kitchen (translators Patricia Padilla and Andrea Padilla).  I hope also to publish Ralph’s poetry and possibly his apocalyptic novel Farmhome.

The Rio Abajo Community Library in La Joya, NM (the little town that is La Perla) featured Tales from La Perla in its January/February newsletter Library Leaves on p. 8.

Ralph M. Flores was born in LA in 1940 and grew up in Phoenix.  He received his B.A. from ASU and his M.A. in American Studies from UNM.  After his dropout years, he taught English, Chicano Studies, and Cultural Studies at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque until he retired to tend his garden in Tomé in 2006.  He died June 4, 2017.

Having taught English and Cultural Studies for many years at CNM and now retired, I live in Tomé, NM and have developed a website https://ralphfloresbooks.com/.  Right now Ralph’s books are available at some local bookstores and libraries as well as from me via ralphfloresbooks.com:  Bookworks and Organic Books (both in Albuquerque); Albuquerque Public Libraries; Los Lunas and Belen Public Libraries: Rio Abajo Community Library; The Museum of Heritage and Arts (Los Lunas), and Tomé Art Gallery (Tomé).  I'll be reading from Tales from La Perla on May 21, 2019 at 6 pm at Bookworks.  Flirer for the event at ralphfloresbooks.com.  

Ralph M. Flores’ Books

Tales from La Perla

Though cast as fiction, these stories show what dropping into a small New Mexico town at the end of the highway in the Rio Abajo was like for freaks rejecting the madness of the Vietnam War and mainstream U.S. culture. This posthumous collection includes photographs by Bob Christensen and others and depicts the narrator’s evolution… [Read More]

The Horse in the Kitchen

Originally published in hardcover by UNM Press in 2004, “The Horse in the Kitchen” won the American Book Award in 2005. Now issued in paperback by 48HrBooks, the reprint adds the autobiographical essay, “A Father’s Tears”, exploring the machismo of the patriarch whose son discovers in his father a tenderness he hadn’t anticipated. Americans considering ramifications… [Read More]

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