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Writer, producer and star in movie LEGEND OF BOOGER RED. Author of ROSWELL ONE the final contact,COUSE OF ACTION, THE DEVILS BIBLE the lost tablets, THE GOLD BAR, DRAG RACE FEVER.

Website: gradybryant.net

Grady Bryant’s Books

Drag Race Fever

Legendary drag racer and fiction writer Grady Bryant has released his latest book, Drag Race Fever. It was only a matter of time before Grady shared his adventures of the early days of drag racing in a story that all sports and drag racers will enjoy. The story involves a young man getting started in… [Read More]

The Gold Bar

On a dark night in 1945, off the coast of Mexico, a German submarine unloads five cases of gold bars. September 1988, forty three years later, an unidentified man is shot in the San Andres Mountains of New Mexico. In his back pack is found a gold bar with a Swastika stamped on the side…. [Read More]

Cause of Action

In 1962 a six man Navy SEAL team is ordered to escort a mysterious government agent, Frank Snowden, into Laos to assassinate an arms dealer. The leader of the SEAL Team, Taylor Walker, and the government agent are the only men to survive the mission. Twenty-five years later Taylor, now working for the FBI, uncovers… [Read More]

Roswell One: The Final Contact

For six decades the public has been misinformed about the alleged flying saucer crash outside of Roswell NM,. Partly because of security and embarrassment of what the government had secretly built deep in the desert at the same time the atom bomb was being tested. Read a never before narrative of what happened to a… [Read More]

The Devils Bible: The Lost Tablets

In 1917 a group of Russians are on an expedition into Turkey to locate the ruins of Noah’s Ark. In a cave they find several clay stone tablets scrawled with unfamiliar writing. Many years later these tablets are discovered in the United States and believed to be written by the Devil. They tell of many mysteries… [Read More]

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