About Ravi Ranjan Goswami

Author was born on 3/5/1961 in Jhansi,made famous in history by its brave queen Rani Lakshamibai.He is a science graduate and a revenue officer by profession.He likes to write fiction inspired from real social conditions around.

Ravi Ranjan Goswami’s Books


Suresh had become used to his mother’s cursing. He knew his mother’s anger was partly due to her high blood pressure, family concerns and husband’s neglect. But that day he was somewhat disturbed.


Lutero Ka Teela Chambal, is a fiction novel, which will take you to an interesting world. This short story is about how a family suffers after robbery during marriage

The Seven Shades

Fiction inspired from real social conditions.


Interesting fictional stories inspired from real social condition.

The Gold Syndicate

The Gold Syndicate is a novel based on fictitious characters and events, which are close to reality. The story goes-“The work of Gold Syndicate was going well, increasing the confidence as well as the greed of the company. But they had the idea that after the election the political situation of India will be different…. [Read More]

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