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Killer DNA, Mason & Hall Series, Book One is a suspense psychological mystery thriller by Gippy Adams Henry. This book is an update of Web of Destruction, the author’s first book. Killer DNA has more description, and has been professionally edited and developed. It was turned into a series in order to expand the cliffhangers readers want answered, which will occur in Book Two. Although Killer DNA is fictional, with a lot of twists and turns and hold-your-breath moments, the author’s stories tend to subtly send a message by bringing the reader’s attention to real-life situations one might find themselves in by their choices in life. By the end of the story, they may realize how easy it is to become a victim and/or cause others close to them to be one. This is why the author began writing about crime.

A background degree in Criminal Justice provides more tools to write accurate crime by the author. That, along with an exceptional professional graphic artist, Joe Savin, and a top-notch developmental editor, Elizabeth Zack for Killer DNA, sets up an exciting read.

As the author has been a professional fine artist from a young age, the idea to use one of her paintings for part of the Killer DNA cover came from the graphic artist–taking the idea from a scene in the storyline about the painting.

Gippy Adams Henry lives in New Jersey in a small community where most of her loving family and friends reside also, along with her adorable Calico Cat: Cuddles.

The print version of Killer DNA is here on Bookworks, and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others. August, 2019.

Gippy Adams Henry’s Books

Killer DNA; Mason & Hall Series, Book One

In a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania parking garage, artist, Dana Donato is grabbed from behind, beaten, drugged, and awakens in an underground dungeon. She is rescued by someone nearby who hears her screams when she realizes her captor’s truck left the driveway. At the hospital, testing done for the damage to her body reveals shocking news that… [Read More]

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